DevOps is a collection of techniques that integrate software development and operations.

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Businesses in modern environments are under intense pressure to provide new and improved software to customers at breakneck speed.

DevOps has evolved into a quickly progressing movement and approach.

SoftCore Cyber's DevOps and Agile resilience aid the optimization of processes during the Software Development Lifecycle.

SoftCore Cyber's team would deliver the best results possible by utilizing DevOps and Agile processes .

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Technologies that we utilize

  • Agile Implementation: Our Agile Implementation approach helps break down department silos and optimize performance across the whole software development cycle. We offer you an understanding of the Agile Approach to design and distribute software and IT goals. We oversee your company’s installations to help you enforce DevOps procedures and increase your company’s ROI.
  • DevOps: By implementing a blooming DevOps implementation machine, our solution assists you in launching your DevOps operation. Our team offers best-in-class automation testing coverage, enabling continuous integration and a customer-centric release plan. With our experts’ constant efforts, you will have on-demand access to the status of your application.
  • Process Automation:  We accelerate your time in the market and improve quality to ensure customer satisfaction and interoperability. This continuous distribution strategy ensures that your reliable code, automated and manual testing, and software deployments have slight variations. This boosts the results and contributes to an increase in ROI.


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