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Our Cybersecurity services Atlanta is the best one to consider if you are looking for reliable data protection in Atlanta. The expert cyber security team at SoftCore Cyber strives to minimize the attacks on your network system, recover your hacked accounts, shield the servers and install the best anti-virus software for security purposes. These unwanted situations can be avoided through our Cybersecurity Solution in Atlanta. Your data is the greatest asset of your company and when it comes to protecting that data, we extend every effort to secure your information. Malicious threats and viruses can destroy your network system and codes, can cause trouble with the tools in the pipeline, and loss of information.

With every advancement in the field of technology comes an uncertain threat that must be removed to avoid any future mishaps. The companies that use software development and deployment services have confidential data and applications that must be secured to maintain their market integrity. For this purpose, you must hire a cyber-security service that ensures end-to-end encryption of your data. SoftCore Cyber is the best cybersecurity company in Atlanta as we secure your digital data with our most efficient cyber security solutions.

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Our Cybersecurity Services Plans (SoftCore Security)

SoftCore Security Trial
Free Trial
  • Users Protection
  • Cloud Apps Protection
  • Email Protection
  • Devices Protection
  • Data Protection
SoftCore Security Monthly Option
Per Month/User$8.99
  • Everything Included in the Trial Plus:
  • Malware & Ransomeware
  • Phishing & Insider Threats
  • Hacking & Access Control
  • Data Loss & Governance

Cybersecurity Services We Provide in Atlanta

SoftCore Cyber is among the most reliable software management companies due to its unchallengeable Cybersecurity Services in Atlanta. We believe that providing support and identifying potential threats are a part of our professional expertise and hence we shift all our efforts towards the planning of cyber security plans. It is very important to render cybersecurity services while setting up a software system because the risk of being hacked and theft has increased. Companies must consider cyber security services as a key component in their efficient working and application transfer as any mishap can damage their market reputation. The Cybersecurity Services we provide in Atlanta include:

Preventing cyber attacks

Our services focus on bringing up the best solutions in case of any problem, but it is best to prevent any mishap to happen before it gets into your system and destroys your files. SoftCore Cybersecurity services Atlanta integrates the most advanced antivirus and anti-malware software into your network system that prevents any cyber-attacks.

Recovering Hacked Accounts

The greatest cyber threat to any system is hacking. Hackers illegally break into professional accounts by interfering with the server codes. They may steal confidential data and alter the website’s contents without the owner’s permission. Hacking is a serious threat, but you can prevent this situation by Atlanta Cybersecurity services.

End to end Data Encryption

A simple and efficient way of preventing data breaching and theft is encryption of your data. The end-to-end encryption of the data means that your files and applications are secured between you and your customer, and it cannot be decoded or encrypted by anyone but the developer company and the customer. Our Cybersecurity company Atlanta ensures the end-to-end encryption of your files before their safe transfer.

Email spamming and monitoring

The email traffic on a professional website is always heavy which puts extra load on the server and thus the website crashes. Spam emails could be any junk file or commercial promotions that take too much space and time and are considered an issue. But no worries, Cybersecurity services Atlanta has them cleared up for you through their spamming and blocking software. The junk files will be sidelined and blocked automatically leaving behind the important stuff.

Firewalls and alerting systems

The cybersecurity services Atlanta is not only limited to the development and integration of the cybersecurity services into your network system, but we monitor and keep a check on the security systems. For this purpose, we install Firewalls and alerting systems so that there is no chance of breaching at any point in the network web. If any mishap happens our team is alerted and will be there to fix that up in no time.


Cybersecurity Consulting Company in Atlanta

Cybersecurity consulting is a vital part of planning software development as you need a proper plan and guidance throughout the whole process. No matter how advanced and uplifted the firewalls and security of the software are, there is always a risk of breaching and theft. Moreover, the tools and server codes in the pipeline sometimes are out of order and might need to be monitored at any time. For a smooth flow of data and files, you need software development and deployment according to the requirements of the company. SoftCore Cyber is the top cybersecurity consulting company in Atlanta that has always lent its cybersecurity solutions and management in these circumstances.


Cybersecurity Consulting Atlanta includes services like devising a plan, testing and integrating the plan, and then monitoring and management of servers and tools. This flowchart aids software development companies to meet the needs of their customers. The cybersecurity consultants assess your network system, identify the potential risks and suggest solutions to eradicate the risks and ongoing IT-related problems for the organization.

Cybersecurity Consulting Atlanta

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    We are the Best Cybersecurity Service Providers in Atlanta

    Cybersecurity Services Atlanta

    SoftCore Cyber has always maintained its name as the top Cyber security solutions and consulting company in Atlanta and other parts of the world. We identify the possibilities that impose any kind of threat to the website. We are the best cybersecurity service providers in Atlanta because we defend your data and help you develop a suitable security system for your network.

    The IT experts and cyber security consultants in our team think and act critically to support any weakness in the network and minimize the chance of hacking and theft protecting your data to a maximum extent.

    The increased stress of cyber attacks in these past years has increased the importance of cybersecurity providers in software development and thus our Cybersecurity services in Atlanta deal with the best and most professional cyber-security through network administration and multilayer security software.

    Our Cybersecurity Services Atlanta Client Reviews

    Noah Nacht Says “SoftCore Cyber saved my data when I thought I had lost all my server codes due to that malware attack. Their efficient firewalls and antivirus systems have never let me face a problem after that. No more stress of data loss and virus attacks”.

    Amelia Brown Reviewed “I have always loath checking those tons of emails lurking in my inbox. But thanks to soft-core Cyber services, my emails are filtered and organized, and I can finally deal with my important work first.”