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Are you looking for a trusted and experienced mobile app development in Atlanta? You can't ignore the services of SoftCore Cyber, among the Best mobile app developers in Atlanta that maintain higher standards in web designing and development. With over a thousand loyal clients, the company maintains innovation and uniqueness in IOS, Android Hybrid apps, etc.

SoftCore Cyber has worked with companies not only in the Atlantic region, but we have worked with companies around the world. The experience helps us to maintain versatility, uniqueness, and result-oriented mobile apps. This performance-driven experience lets our team strategize and design mobile apps according to your business requirements.
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Business Consulting and Detailed Analysis​

Business Consulting and Detailed Analysis

If you want to develop apps to accommodate your customers or want its analysis, our expert App developers Atlanta adopts the suitable plans for you.

Customized Business Mobile Apps

Customized Business Mobile Apps

No matter what type of business you own, SoftCore Cyber develops and maintains your mobile apps according to your demands. Our expert mobile app designers design your apps after analyzing your business needs.

Native App Development​

Native App Development

Native mobile users provide the best opportunity to enhance your B2B contacts. Our Mobile App Development Company in Atlanta develops performance-driven apps for your native presence.

API Integration

API Integration

Integrating your apps allows you to transfer the employees’ and users’ related services through your mobile app. SoftCore Cyber has already worked with numerous clients to lead them to a successful experience.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

User-focused tools in the digitalization era become essential to achieving your business objectives. Our experts develop a mechanism that fulfills your customers’ demands and provide them with a better user experience.

Hybrid App Development Services

Hybrid App Development Services

Our hybrid app development services are based on cross-platforms. We use the same code base to develop applications for multiple platforms. Android and iOS are robust platforms to target the market.

Technologies that we use

  • JavaScript
  • Kotlin
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • JAVA
  • HTML 5
  • Ruby
  • Rust
  • Lua
  • Action Script
  • SQL

Android App Development Atlanta

Android App Development Atlanta

Building a profitable mobile app has become a common practice worldwide. Android app development Atlanta region companies maintain and develop your apps more professionally; SoftCore Cyber is one of them. Our expert strategies maintain the Android dynamics and turn your venture into a profitable deal. SoftCore Cyber experts consider every project their own and work within the best domains like Xamrin, PhoneGap, and Flutter. Although the Atlanta region has more dominance with the iOS, Android provides a great platform to maintain higher standards. Contact SoftCore Cyber to have the services of the best Mobile App Development Agency in Atlanta.

iOS app development Atlanta

iOS App Development Atlanta

iOS has a major influence over mobile users in Atlanta and has captured the market way more than android. IOS revenue has increased by over $33 billion in recent years. The numbers are not just a publicity stunt; they show a great potential to taste your company’s share from it. SoftCore Cyber is one of the trusted iOS app development Atlanta companies that offer customized app development services for a profit-driven experience. Our services offer the services with backing the modern technologies and with the UI/UX design. Additionally, our experts have experience in utilizing swift3, iOS 14SDK, and Objective C to develop a scalable app. 

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    We are Best App developers in Atlanta

    Mobile App Development Atlanta

    Versatility, experience, and trust of previous clients are essential before getting Mobile App Development Atlanta services. SoftCore Cyber has a strong portfolio in mobile app development and worked with hundreds of clients in Atlanta and worldwide. Additionally, we are providing services to numerous company headquarters in Atlanta. Every worker in SoftCore Cyber takes your company as his and puts 100% effort into a better profitable experience. The integrity makes us a leading Atlanta agency with 573 returning companies and above one thousand clients. Additionally, our pricing is quite manageable against the other agencies. Contact us to get exciting plans within your budget.


    It depends on the nature of the application, but in general terms, you should keep in mind 4-5 months for a simple app.

    With a strong portfolio and over one thousand clients, SoftCore Cyber possesses the experts that work with honesty and integrity to develop a result-oriented app.

    SoftCore Cyber uses the latest technologies like Flutter, Swift, Python, React Native, Java, Kotlin, etc. Our experts analyze your business and suggest appropriate technology for your business.

    It depends on multiple factors because developing an app is a complex and time-consuming procedure. However, you should keep a budget of $15K to $60K for a limited featured app and $50K to $140K for an app with mid-range features. However, contact SoftCore Cyber because we offer you budget-friendly plans for you.

    Atlanta region is full of iOS users, more than any other part of the world. Additionally, iOS revenue has crossed over $33 billion, showing great potential in Mobile App Development Atlanta.

    How do We Proceed with App development at SoftCore Cyber?

    We adopt the latest technologies and strategies to develop a performance-driven mobile application for you. Our process the app development is concluded in five simple steps.

    Planning and Research

    1. Planning and Analysis

    When a company approaches us, we first inquire about some initial information regarding their proposed type, budget, and timeline. Once we sign the contract, we analyze your business’s current situation. We do it through a QA containing some inquiries about your business and the proposed app. After getting the knowledge, we make a strategy for your application and plan the activities involved.

    2. UI/UX Design

    Once we make a clear plan, our mobile app designers interact with the client and discuss some questions about theme color, fonts, etc. After getting an idea, our experts make some designs on Sketch, Adobe XD, and Adobe Photoshop. We take the final approval before starting the designing process, which involves the UI/UX Design App, Wireframe Design, Workflow design, and the Style Guide.

    UI UX Design
    App development

    3. App Development

    After the design, the development stage arrives. Our project managers assign the tasks to other team members and set the timeframe to complete the tasks. Our team uses the most suitable development language to meet our client’s requirements. Our project manager assigns tasks into three steps; front-end app development, back-end development, and API integration.

    4. Testing Period

    After developing the complete app, SoftCore Cyber experts tested the app several times. This step is mandatory to keep your budget and app safe from harmful effects. It is because a little bug becomes a big issue after some time. Our team conducts the functional test, which covers the customer’s functional requirements. After that, we perform Non- Functional tests, which include security checks, usability and response time, etc.

    App Testing
    App Launch

    5. Launching & Support

    Our experienced teams launch your application to the stores despite complex Google and Apple algorithms. Our team checks the title, description, keywords, category, etc., for a better experience. The process isn’t restricted here; every app requires a technical update after some time. We offer app support and manage your updates on different plans.

    Our Mobile App Development Atlanta Client Reviews

    "We have approached SoftCore Cyber for iOS app development, and it was an amazing experience. They got excellent communication skills, completed the precise project on time, and provided expertise in project management skills. Now, approaching for 4th project to them, Skillful giants!”
    Mobile App Development Atlanta Client
    Mr. Elijah Zack
    Startup Founder
    "The SoftCore Cyber is the expert team I’ve experienced. They are stellar in their knowledge and command over their steps. Our collaboration with them became instantly solid after they had completed the first project they got from our team. Highly recommended for mobile app development.”
    Amelia Hudson
    Project Manager