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Setting up your own IT infrastructure can put an enormous burden on your company's shoulders. In contrast, using cloud services can support your company's objectives at a manageable cost. Cloud services are ready to go and are scalable. The good thing is that you pay for what you have used.

Most new businesses rush to the cloud service providers, and it works for some time as they get the existing cloud service providers. However, they purchase unnecessary plans because of the changed business strategy. Rushing to get the services by yourself can lead you to several problems.

You may find it hard to predict your real use; you might be paying higher costs, leading to a bad user experience. However, you can minimize these risks by availing of the services of an experienced agency like SoftCore Cyber. We are experienced campaigners in cloud services Atlanta region and can make an optimized strategy for your IT setup.
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1. Cloud Computing Atlanta

Countless companies use cloud computing for virtual desktops, emails, data backup, software development, mishap recovery, and customer base web applications. Getting the right plan is necessary to save you from investing additional money. SoftCore Cyber provides cloud solutions in Atlanta according to your needs and budget. We complete cloud computing in the following steps.

Cloud Computing Process

i) Public Clouds:

This model provides services on storage on the internet and servers. Third parties control and handle these services and are liable to maintain the software, hardware, and infrastructure. Clients gain services through accounts that are accessible by anyone.


ii) Private Clouds:

This model is restricted to only one organization or company. Most cloud computing services are provided through a private network, and no one can access them. The data center of the company host the services of cloud computing for a better public experience.


iii) Hybrid Clouds:

It combines both public and private clouds. The model provides enhanced services and is more flexible for a better experience. The clients enjoy more strict security and the most optimum user infrastructure.

Cloud Computing Atlanta

2. Cloud Migration Atlanta

Numerous businesses contact cloud consulting companies in Atlanta, like SoftCore Cyber, because moving to cloud services benefits them. We provide services that increase technical abilities and reduce the dependency on local systems. Our services include emergency restoration, ready-to-use equipment, infrastructure, and relocation. We also develop a mechanism that provides you with numerous optimized features and improved security.

Cloud Migration Processes

i) Technical Condition Analysis:

Cloud Computing starts with the preliminary grounding stage. When you approach us, our expert team determines your company’s market position, the value of annexes, and software condition. After that, we assess the promptness of data transfer and check whether your applications comply with the cloud structure or not.

ii) Strategy & Planning:

After the detailed analysis, SoftCore Cyber plans for the best needs of your business. Then we impose the plan and see its smoothness and influence on production services. We check whether the data transfer is in sequence and set the type of migration that suits your plans perfectly.

Cloud Migration Atlanta
iii) Test Transfer:

Every person in SoftCore Cyber is an expert cloud solution provider. After setting up the plans, our expert team checks your infrastructure and determines the transition time. It helps us trace the risks, weaknesses, and ways to solve them. Our team amends the transition plan according to the needs and perfect conditions.

iv) Complete Migration: 

Reliable migration remains a concern for new businesses. However, our familiarity and alliance make the transition easy. Unlike the other agencies, SoftCore Cyber keeps in touch with you for further assistance. Additionally, we perform constant checks for the right annexes, assisting you in a better understanding of different processes.

3. Cloud Management Atlanta

Controlling the public, private, and hybrid cloud models is called cloud management. The best Cloud companies in Atlanta, like SoftCore Cyber, maintain a healthy cloud management strategy for controlled vibrant, and scalable computing mechanisms. Additionally, we provide operations management, on-demand engineering, helpdesk support, and implementation services.

Cloud Management Process

i) Planning:

The first step in cloud management is planning for a solid strategy after determining your user base, number, quality of network infrastructure, and similar things. We make a plan that complies with the locale. SoftCore Cyber also offer cloud consulting services Atlanta.

ii) Deployment:

After the initial planning, we deploy the components of the networks that maintain the cloud environment. The step includes the required software installations and creating the initial company accounts according to plan.

Cloud Management Atlanta
iii) Configuration:

The step majorly involves IP address management. Cloud consultants in Atlanta are the experts in configuring the tenants, administrator accounts, and other similar things. Creating the updated policies for an automated resource placement is done in this step. After configuring, it must be monitored to operate professionally.

iv) Operation and Maitainence:

Maintenance of higher standards is necessary to provide the smooth working of the cloud.  SoftCore Cyber is one of the best in providing maintenance services with higher accuracy and result.

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    We are the Best Cloud Solution Company Atlanta

    SoftCore Cyber is an experienced cloud solutions company Atlanta that offers result-oriented services to your business. We have worked for the last 10 years and have dealt with over 1000 clients. Costs may be higher than other service providers, but we maintain higher efficiency and quality for our clients. Our services help you to maintain highly integrated services, develop robust cloud infrastructure, and create a higher degree of data recovery and safety. Our timely, quick, transparent analysis and updates keep your business in planned investment. Contact SoftCore Cyber, one of Atlanta’s best cloud services companies to enjoy the highly integrated services. Do not forget to check out our IoT services in Atlanta.

    Cloud Services Atlanta

    Why Choose Us?

    Why Choose Us for Cloud Services

    You may find numerous cloud services in Atlanta, but getting a trusted and experienced campaigner still makes you haunted. New agencies or freelance service providers may not understand the complexities of cloud service-related issues. SoftCore Cyber offers multiple cloud services under one umbrella. Cloud experts in SoftCore Cyber have highly technical knowledge and complete administrative tasks daily. Additionally, our self-service abilities and automation provide you with true value. Moreover, our cloud experts are self-esteemed and honest. They consider the client’s integrity and ensure higher privacy and security standards.

    • Securely maintained services
    • Optimized management models
    • Structured and manageable price structures
    • Automation capabilities
    • Rapid cloud deployments
    • Highly productive strategies
    • Permanent guidance
    • High-security assurance
    • Our policies are highly scalable

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

    Countless agencies are working in the Atlantic region, but with 10 years of experience and a strong portfolio, SoftCore Cyber provides the best cloud solutions company Atlanta.

    Atlanta has three cloud services: public, private, and hybrid. PaaS. IaaS and SaaS are the different cloud computing services in Atlanta.

    Prices of cloud services may be higher, but the services save you from spending more on your technological setup.

    Our Cloud Services Atlanta Client Reviews

    Chad Nacht Says “SoftCore Cyber created a dashboard for a comprehensive assessment that did provide the scalability for the main cloud service provider. It worked in with high availability and optimized services for its platform. The communication of SoftCore Cyber is highly professional. I would recommend this to anyone who wants cloud service at this professional agency.”

    Nikki Roberts Says “We were looking for a deployment automation expert and found SoftCore Cyber, and our company is satisfied with them. The agency developed a strategy that saved us about 39% of the cost, and it worked in a short time, though. They have the full potential to work at any level; they are professional, know their work, and have certain knowledge to deliver. Apart from the technical knowledge, I liked most their strong communication skills. Love to have them again and again.”