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Complete Social Media Management Solution

Social Media is a combination of various overlapping mediums with complex integration. Hence, it's out of Human capability to synchronize all platforms harmoniously. SoftCore Social is an intuitive AI-based program or module that facilitates engaging correspondence among various communication channels. Moreover, no software can replace human sensitivity and intellect, yet our developed software imitates human responses and delivers immediate and effective solutions to existing problems.

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Why Choose SoftCore Social?

SoftCore Social can create the social content and also track the responses on the user’s end. Social media influence is vital to monitor brand awareness and develop connections with sentiments. Moreover, working through software is flawless as well as budget efficient. The SoftCore Social software can replace several human assistants, cutting the project’s cost. It enables you to manage all social media at one stop.

Free White Labelling

Brands are reluctant to display the intruding software labeled under brands. Hence, the SoftCore Social effortlessly becomes an extension of your business with white label management service. The studio and agency plans are customized according to the brand and client's requirements.

Flawless Social Media Scheduling

The designed software is extensively integrated with several social media channels. The automated scheduling streamlines the social media activities and helps achieve the benchmarks promptly without wasting energy and missing the targets. Optimizing the schedules on priorities eventually generates better leads.

Integrated Client Approval Process

Instead of contacting each client and getting approval for the content, the SoftCore Social is a comprehensive one-stop solution to facilitate the complicated process through an integrated client approval approach.

Multiple Users And Unlimited Storage

SoftCore Social not only caters to your immediate business needs but also has the potential to accommodate brand development. With a progressive approach, the system can handle multiple users and offers unlimited storage for the future. Without an extra budget, you can shift from medium to large-scale business.

One-Click Social Media Reporting

The complexity of the one-step Social media management will not affect the generation of quick and instant reports. Detailed, comprehensive, and accurate reports are available with one click. The reports include insights, performance charts, and more statical details of the process.

Pricing That Doesn't Punish

We know the intuition of the business acquiring AI-based software for social media management is not only requiring accuracy but also budget management. Therefore, the software we design is affordable for medium to small-scale businesses. Our plans are aligned according to your business demands without exaggerating the task fee.

Clean Workspace

The SoftCore Social-Social Media Management Software is developed for direct business managers and directors. Therefore, the interface is designed to keep the workspace organized and clean for the user while eradicating distracting entities.

Social Media Solutions

SoftCore Social
  • Post your own Content Using SoftCore Social Software
  • Simplified Social Media Scheduling
  • Integrated Client Approval Process
  • Content Creation & Management
  • Unlimited Users
Starter Plan
PER MONTH $99 (plus $99 one time setup fee)
  • Post 3 times a week
  • 2 Social Media Platforms
  • Hashtag Research
  • Content Creation
Intermediate Plan
PER MONTH $249 (plus $99 one time setup fee)
  • Post 5 times a week
  • 3 Social Media Platforms
  • Hashtag Research
  • Content Creation
  • Company Logo
All In Plan
PER MONTH $399 (plus $99 one time setup fee)
  • Post 7 times a week
  • 5 Social Media Platforms
  • Hashtag Research
  • Content Creation
  • Company Logo

Custom Social Media Solutions

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