SoftCore Security: Cyber Security Software Solution

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SoftCore Security: All-in-one cyber protection

SoftCore Security provides immunity to your business within the digital ambiance. Secure networks and gateways for your web portals, cloud apps, and digital applications to boost your business. No doubt it sounds complicated to apply and monitor an efficient security check on each channel while exposing it to potential malware risks. Hence, with efficient automated software ensuring immunity against potential hazards, SoftCore Security is practically the most reliable software for cyber security.

Why Choose SoftCore Security (All-in-One Cybersecurity Software)

SoftCore Security flawlessly becomes an extension to the running business and provides 24/7 network security and monitoring for all sorts of a portal in one place. Instead of engaging multiple systems, our comprehensive Software provides all-in-one cyber protection for distinctive gateways. The software simultaneously works for the following aspects;

Secure Devices

Personal and sensitive data is at high potential risk on multiple user devices. Hence, securing a device needs efficient monitoring by central control points for implementing policies and protecting multiple channels. SoftCore Security is a significantly effective and sensitive probe that promptly identifies and reacts to risk factors.

Email Protection

Email filtration and checks keep the incoming and outgoing data secure and prevent external interference. Our top-rated cybersecurity software with intensively sensitive filters makes your email resistant to phishing, malware, ransomware, and other risk factors.

Safety of Cloud Apps

Cloud apps are vulnerable to a risk-saturated environment. Therefore, exposure to unsafe networks necessitates cyber security protocols. SoftCore Security is a software that provides one-stop solutions from identifying access, encryption, data privacy, and automated security testing for a better and safer residency in Clouds for apps and other software.

Secure User Experience

The automated security-optimized web and apps are at low risk of system downtime. Eventually elevating the user confidence and retaining the business. The user experience in harmony with cyber security is essential to retain the user. An excessive security check makes the user reluctant to use the system, whereas responsive systems revive the confidence as well as engagement of the user.

Recognized and Leading Entity

Automated Defending a system from potential malware and risk factors while keeping the digital presence is the job of responsibility. Our software is developed on the footmarks of earned integrity. The automation is vigilant and with defined status prevails the legacy of SoftCore Security’s professionalism and efficiency.

Adherence to Regulatory Compliance

Adherence to already settled laws and regulations prevents multiple risk factors. Software is engineered and designed based on pre-defined guidelines that are durable and chaos-free. The system has instant and reactive violence checkers, which prevents conflicting havoc.

SoftCore Security
SoftCore Security Trial
Free Trial
  • Users Protection
  • Cloud Apps Protection
  • Email Protection
  • Devices Protection
  • Data Protection
SoftCore Security Monthly Option
Per Month/User$8.99
  • Everything Included in the Trial Plus:
  • Malware & Ransomeware
  • Phishing & Insider Threats
  • Hacking & Access Control
  • Data Loss & Governance

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